Sunday, January 17, 2010

Thornbrook Renovation: Chapter 4

If you had a little trouble envisioning where the walls were going to be in our new family room and bedrooms, this should help. The drywall is up!The family room. The large opening on the right will be a big closet. The small opening on the left leads to our master bedroom on the left and the guest bedroom on the right.
The wall here that needs another sheet of drywall is for the walk-in closet and bathroom shower. Mark has a couple of sheets to hang after he figures out a few plumbing details.This is inside the walk in closet. The other side of the wall is the inside of our shower.The big change in our bedroom, besides moving the location of the door, was moving and increasing the size of our closet (on the left).This is the inside of our shower. That little niche on the left side will hold shelves for shampoo, soap and razors. Part of the house is on a crawl space and part is on a slab so there are a couple of step up/step downs on this side of the house. One more change that Mark will make is to raise the floor of the master bath to the same height as the floor in our bedroom. Since the drywall has gone up, we've also made a lot of decisions:
  • We got a box of wood floor samples last week and I'm pretty sure we decided on carbonized vertical bamboo. We've been staring at the sample with our cabinet finish options, at every time of day and night, to make sure we choose the one that is just right.
  • We've committed to a layout for the "mudroom" cabinets and are still figuring out what we want to do for entertainment center storage in the family room.
  • We finalized the master bath vanity layout. We are trying to decide what kind of countertop to put on it.
  • We've chosen the vanity sink, faucet and light fixture above the mirror.
  • Mark ordered the shower drain, showerhead and handle.
  • We've picked out carpet for the family room and bedrooms. Now we need to head to Sherwin Williams to pick out paint.
  • We also need to choose the tile for our bathroom.
  • I've roughly planned out all of the new storage spaces - what will go in each closet and cabinet. I'm very excited that we will have lots of room to grow.
  • Cable was installed in the family room.
Next up: tape and lots of mud!

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  1. Wow...looking good. All that cabinet/closet space is going to be fabulous. You won't know what to do with all the storage! =) Can't wait to see more!