Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Thornbrook Renovation: Chapter 3

As of Sunday, the framing and electrical are complete (all with studs from the previous walls that were torn down) and ready for drywall. Here are some photos of Mark's progress. First is the view of the family room, walking out of the kitchen:To the left of the entry off the garage will be our new 12 foot long 'mudroom' closet. I can't wait to fill up this monster! The openings on the right that are framed in now were the entrance to Morgan's old room and one of two closets in her room. The short hallway on the left is where the new entrances to our master bedroom (on the left) and guest room (on the right) are. To the left of that short hallway is another closet - a walk-in closet that is much larger than the one that used to be there. I'm thinking we will store seasonal and holiday stuff we don't need to access often here.This is a view of the inside of that closet. Behind it is the new, deeper walk-in shower in the master bath.
Our master bedroom hasn't changed too much. The doorway that once went into Morgan's room (on the left) is framed in and our new closet now covers it. A closet that is almost twice as big as the previous. The door on the right is the new entrance - no longer right off the living room.The doorway to the guest room is directly across from ours.This is the view coming out of those bedrooms. The built-in's and soffit that were in the corner near the fireplace are gone now. We will likely put new cabinets on that wall, which will include a little entertainment center for the TV, toy storage and a desk under the window. Right now, the toilet is kind of in the way :)Mark also rewired all of the necessary outlets and switches and adjusted all of the recessed can lighting in the family room so it is more symmetrical with the new space.

It is really cool to see each room now. It looks awesome, babe! Next up: drywall.

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  1. Loved seeing the updates. Kudos to you Mark, you've done a LOT of work.