Monday, January 25, 2010

photoless weekend wrap-up

Friday: Mark and I spent the day shopping for carpet and tile. Result: super tired with a major headache.

Saturday: Mark tied up some loose ends in the renovation, including hanging those last few pieces of drywall, while Morgan and I visited Aunt Kristin, Uncle Troy and Bella. Man does that girl love her Aunty K. I do too. Later we met them in Plymouth for the Ice Festival. Poor little girl. All she wanted to do was get down and walk around. Way too many people though. She loved all of the dogs and the mini petting zoo.

Sunday: Mark kicked some major butt mudding the drywall. Tonight he is taking a well-deserved break, but word on the street is he wants to be done mudding by the weekend. Does that mean we will be priming soon??? Us girls did a little of everything - reading, Gabba, laundry, Ready Set Go and dressing up in her playsilks. After her nap she helped me make spaghetti pie and banana cake. Both were a hit.

This week: Mark and I need to make a few final decisions so I can order the cabinets for our master bath, mudroom and family room. Make a dinner plan for February. Make some cards. And we need to figure out what kind of shelving to put in our closets without our house looking like an IKEA showroom. But I love IKEA.


  1. we should have gone to the ice show on Saturday but waited. The sculptures were all melted.

  2. And I love my little Morgan too...had a great time seeing you (and her wearing me out with Ready, Set, Go too!) I wish the Ice Show was more enjoyable too...will have to put that on my "keep in mind for the future" list.