Wednesday, January 20, 2010

goal 01 progress

We're about 2/3 of the way through January and I have made a decent dent in the planning of our kiddo's rooms.

The carpet will be the same as what we chose for the family room and bedrooms on the other side of the house. It's a medium brownish gray frieze but I am having issues getting a sample. How am I supposed to pick out paint if I don't have a carpet sample? I know once I have it though, it will be a quick decision.
I also printed Mark's CAD plans to scale so I could cut out mini furniture footprints to arrange and rearrange. This was especially helpful so I could work around the heating supply, windows and electrical outlets without physically moving furniture. Nerd, I know. I've been doing that since I was a kid. Just ask my mom. Anyways, this post is full of links, mostly so I remember what I was thinking when it comes time to get down and dirty with decorating.

For Morgan:
Instead of moving Morgan to a toddler bed, I'm pretty sure we are going to get her a twin bed and just put it on the floor for a while, in case of middle-of-the-night falls. She's been taking her weekday naps in a little cot for the last 6+ months, so I don't think it is going to be a big deal. I really don't want to buy another crib mattress that won't be used for very long. Besides, Morgan loves climbing up into our big bed. I think she'd get a kick out of it. We will find a bed frame later.

I've found a nice pink quilted comforter for her bed at Target. I need to pick out sheets though. Sheets that aren't $60 for a set. (But aren't those owls cute?) I guess they could be offset by the inexpensive comforter. This Dwell Studio for Target butterfly set might be a good substitute.

Morgan already has a dresser in her room which she will likely keep. Unless I can find a nice old Danish modern one on craigslist. Those are a dime a dozen. And I might steal it for our bedroom. Still looking.
Her new room has a little nook in it that used to house built-in bunk beds for the boys that last lived in the house. Mark torn the beds out last summer and my plan is to turn it into a cozy little reading space. I want to fill it with lots of floor cushions and pillows, similar to these, and a shallow bookcase to serve as a little front facing library. It won't be as large as this one, but this was my original inspiration.

This nook is the only real wall space in her room, that is over 3 feet, that isn't interrupted by windows or doors. I think this would be a good spot for a nice thick shelf to add the photos and prints I've been collecting. Maybe even a potted plant and other knick-knack fillers like a few of her favorite stuffed animals that I want to stay intact.

Accessories: Probably this lamp. And I love this 3D wallflower set. I've also found a ton of cute stuff on Urban Outfitters website, like these bird hooks.

For baby2:
He will occupy Mark's handmade crib and I've found several cute fitted sheets I like from Land of Nod and Target. No bumpers or blankets yet, just like we did with Morgan, though I would still like to keep a quilt or blanket hanging over the edge.

My favorite dresser so far is the same as Morgan's 4-drawer. Ikea makes a low 6-drawer version that is a nice height and would perfectly fit a changing pad, our diaper caddy and this dimmable lamp.

I also want to find a simple bookcase to store a few toys and books. baby2 may also get a similar type wall shelf for photos and maybe some old toy trucks or blocks.

I haven't decided yet if the Eames rocker we bought for Morgan will stay with Morgan or not. I think baby2 will get more use out of it during those middle of the night feedings. Regardless, I would like to furnish his room with some kind of rocker (that doesn't blow the budget) and a
small end table or nightstand.

Accessories: I've found a lot of cute wall art (especially on etsy), vintage metal signs and such. Fun goodies like this may be afterthoughts after the rooms are filled with the big stuff, just to see how much room we really have left. And money :)

I'm happy to have a lot of this prep work out of the way, especially the space planning part of it and seeing how much room we really have to fill. lt will likely be a few months before we get into these bedrooms - but I will post progress pictures as we go.

Tonight: Mark is busy mudding drywall. Soon I'll be in the midst of the renovation with him to help prime and paint (no worries, we are choosing no-VOC paint). As for me, I'm re-writing goals and projects for the coming months. So glad I've regained the energy and motivation to crank through all these to-do's. I've gotten so much more done than just recording these nursery ideas - maybe I'll share that next week.


  1. I love the wallflower set and the bookshelf inspiration. Very cool!

  2. WHEW
    I'm tired just reading your blog. Sounds like you have a plan. Just remember Grammy is a good little painter, I know you use low VOC but honey you don't have to paint, I can help. Oh yeah I will bring Nick. because we know she is uncle Nicks Favorite girl. and always wiil be.

  3. Love what you have planned for the nook. (I'm sure Morgan will LOVE the floor pillows and book case.) You sure have been busy. Curious about what else you have up your sleeve.