Friday, January 1, 2010

goal 01 in 10

My first project for 2010 is to plan Morgan and baby2's permanent bedrooms. Of all of the renovation work we'll be doing in the next 5 months, these two rooms will be all mine. I can't tell you how excited I am about finally giving my baby girl a completed room. I will be in nesting mode, times 2!

When it comes time to tear apart the kids rooms, when Mark asks "what are we doing in here?", I want to be ready. So now is the time to choose paint colors, carpet, light fixtures, furniture, bedding and accessories. I anticipate a trip to Sherwin Williams, IKEA, Target and ProSource. And browsing websites like Land of Nod, giggle, Etsy, Three Potato Four, Ohdeedoh and Flickr for unique pieces and inspiration. Am I missing anything?

The look I am going for in each room is one that would look like any other room in our house. Nothing baby-ish, no "themes" or matchy-matchy colors and patterns. That's just not me. And I don't think Mark would have relinquished this project to me if it was. :)

I have already collected a few little things for Morgan in the last 18 months - a print from her and her, a piggy bank from pbkids, and our very first baby purchase - her Eames rocker:
And of course, that one of a kind crib, which will go into baby2's room in the next few months, after we transition Morgan into a toddler bed. I will share my progress as I go. Step One, of course, I need to write a list with exactly what I am looking for.

(I haven't forgotten about the current renovation project. Mark has been working hard the last week or so and it's been cool peeking in on him every once in a while to see new walls going up. I will take updated photos this coming weekend and post his progress next week!)


  1. Very exciting! I'd love to hear all the ideas you have brewing in your head. If you need any company shopping/browsing at any point, I'm available!

  2. I can't wait to see what you come up with for the kids' rooms!