Tuesday, November 24, 2009

let's get ready to gobble

Happy Turkey Week! And happy short work week!

Last weekend was great. We visited with my parents and Kristin and Troy and exchanged names for Secret Santa (twice, oops!) while Morgan terrorized their American Eskimo, Kodi. On Sunday, took a last chance trip to the cider mill with Mark's mom and step dad and stocked up on cider for the winter (since it was their last day of the season). They seemed pretty anxious to close because all of the outdoor play equipment was being hosed off and stored away. Bummer for Morgan, so, it was a short trip.

I had my 13 week appointment Monday afternoon and got to hear baby2's heartbeat - loud and strong - yeah baby! Everything seems to be going well, except my blood pressure was pretty high (140/100!). I'd like to attribute it to the fact that I waited almost an hour to see my doctor, but she wants to see me again next week to check. If it's for real, it could be from a number of things, like unnecessary stress that's been absorbing my brain just recently. We'll see what she says next week. Other than that, I am feeling 100% better. Wouldn't even know I'm pregnant, except for the bump.

While Mark is busy busting his ass at work this week, Morgan and I have had a couple of girls nights - dinner, dancing, coloring and lots of reading. We've been practicing drinking from a regular cup and she is doing great! At school, the teachers let them try pouring water from a pitcher into their cups. She's not so great at that.

For lunch on Wednesday, Morgan is having a pre-Thanksgiving feast, complete with turkey, green bean casserole, sweet potatoes and cinnamon apples. How cute is that? I hope she enjoys it, but I have my doubts. She's been an on-and-off super picky eater lately. She is highly opinionated and as soon as she sees something on her plate she doesn't like, she gets the most putrid (and hilarious) look on her face and says "eeeewwwww". On Sunday, her only decent meal was breakfast, but on Monday she ate all of everything that was offered to her. She seems to have a preference to brightly colored foods, like berries, edemame and pomegranate seeds. I also found some great sulfur-free dried fruit with sunflower seeds at Plum Market that she loves, as well as these dried vegetables. She devours the peas, or "balls" as she calls them. She is definitely declaring her independence.

So, that's it for now. I am very much looking forward to Thanksgiving and I hope everyone has a happy, safe and stuffed holiday.

Thursday, November 19, 2009

Numbers Game

Just a couple fun tidbits about this week:

1. Mark and I started dating this week, 12 years ago! Holy Hannah - we were just a couple of kids back then, yeah? Mark proposed to me this day, 7 years ago. :)2. Yesterday was my 7 year anniversary at work. Pretty impressive (to me) considering what has gone down the last few years and the recent months. And considering I didn't think I would make it one year. Despite it all, I'm grateful for the wonderful relationships I've developed with a few special co-workers and customers.

3. The first trimester is over. Yippee! Bring on the energy, little baby! I am starting to feel (knock on wood) a little better and less barfy. Just sleeeeeeeepy. Poor Morgan - some nights after dinner I just crash on her playmat with her bear as a pillow and try to play with her before it's time for bed. She just giggles at me and says 'night-night' and will lay with me, for about 3 seconds. I'm ready for the exhaustion to go away any time now. I've got things to do.

Baby2 is about 3 inches long, crown to rump (the size of a peach), and is fully formed - arms, legs, fingers and toes! Our next appointment is Monday and we will get to hear the heartbeat for the first time. The BIG ultrasound will be just after the following appointment, around the end of the year.

On my to-do list for the rest of the week/end: Friday, I'm going to bust a move and make my Christmas cards. And since I have food on the brain, I want to make these granola bars too. Saturday, we are going to my parents house for dinner and to exchange names for our Secret Santa gifts this year. Just 5 weeks until Christmas, folks! I'm not sure if it's the new mommy in me or the new house but I'm really excited about it this year. Decorating, making food and cookies, finding a (huge!) tree and hanging ornaments, buying and wrapping gifts, and of course, watching Morgan's reaction to it all. We'll see how much of it I truly accomplish.

Have a great weekend!

Saturday, November 14, 2009

Happy Birthday Mark!

Hope you have a great day!
We love you! XOXO

Thursday, November 5, 2009

17 Months

Man, Morgan is just one month away from being a year and a half old! Here are a few things that are going on now.

Her vocabulary is growing every day. The chalkboard that we used to keep track of the words she knows is full and then some. We've completely lost count of the words she knows and uses consistently.

Morgan loves music and loves to dance. Even if we are sitting at the kitchen table eating lunch, she'll sway her body to the tunes playing in the living room. It's so adorable. She also likes to be sung to when she's getting a clean diaper - usually 'Row, Row, Row Your Boat'...and then she asks, 'again?'

Not only is her love of music something that Mark and I share with her, but her love of drawing is as well. If you want to call her creations at this point 'drawings'. Morgan loves to have a pencil or marker or crayon in her hands and has already taken ownership of one of Mark's sketchbooks. The trick is keeping her art on paper and not on the walls and cabinets. And the crayons out of her mouth. She can expect to find these crayon rocks in her stocking this year. Morgan really likes stickers too and knows just where to find them in my scrapbooking stash.
I can't make it sound like Morgan likes everything though. Because she doesn't. :) The only time she seems to get truly upset is when she is being taken from a situation where she is having fun, like coloring, playing outside, or washing her hands. She always asks for more soap, more bubbles, and loves to turn the water on and off. Oh, or if she eats all of her crackers before we get home from school, she asks for more, and I tell her she ate them all. End. Of. The. World.

The 'fall back' change faired well for us. We kept Morgan up just 30-60 minutes later than normal a couple days before the change and she was back on schedule. We were up a bit earlier than usual on Sunday morning, listening to Morgan from her crib. "Mama...Dada...Up...Eat"

I am kinda sorta thinking in the back of my head of starting to introduce Morgan to the idea of potty training. Only because she hates to sit in a dirty diaper, and she is interested, not because I want her out of diapers already. Maybe we'll find a good book and a cute 'lil potty soon.

Sunday, November 1, 2009

Halloween recap

Happy belated Halloween everyone! We had a great night taking Morgan out for trick or treating (or 'tri tree' as she likes to say). According to our neighbors, we don't get many trick or treaters because our house is so far off the main road and our houses are far apart. Bummer! So, we head back towards our old 'hood and went to our friends Kevin and Erika's house to borrow their neighborhood.We hit about 10-12 houses and once she got the hang of it, Morgan absolutely loved it. We'd walk up the steps, knock on the door and yell "Trick or Treat!" She'd press her little hands and face right up to the glass storm door and wait. It took Morgan a few houses to warm up to the strangers and to hold out her little pumpkin basket for candy. Once the basket was full, we decided to stop. She totally could have kept going!We visited with Kevin and Erika for a while, played some Wii and snacked on Morgan's goodies. She loved the Twizzlers and Dum-Dum suckers and was buzzin' around on a sugar high in no time. I wish I would have had a video camera to capture her running, jumping and giggling.

We kept her up a little later than normal with the hopes of sleeping in this morning because of the 'fall back' and it worked pretty well. She slept an hour later than normal (but still 7am after the time change) and Mark made us pancakes for breakfast :) Right now we are just hanging out, watching Morgan color and play with stickers, and trying to decide what to do today.