Wednesday, December 2, 2009

The 6 Month Deadline

With the arrival of baby2, Mark and I have started talking about remodeling the house again. We have a self-imposed deadline now to get most of the house renovated in about 6 months or so. At least the big messy stuff, like moving some walls on the west side of the house (mostly so our master bedroom isn't right off
the living room), insulating our crawl space, and replacing the wood on our living room walls with nice bright drywall. Oh, and a new kitchen. How could I forget that?

Of course, Mark has been/will be doing most of the work. He seems to have regained his motivation to do a lot of the grunt work himself. It will certainly be less expensive and lucky for us, we have a lot of offered help! Mark has been creating demolition plans, getting quotes on new windows and doors and sketching, sketching, sketching. I hope we (read: he) can get it done. Finishing this house is a much bigger task than building a crib. Other than ordering kitchen cabinets, the only grunt work I'll be involved with is decorating not one, but two nurseries.

So, the demolition begins on Saturday. About 1/3 of the house is closed off and ready to have walls removed. I'm trying to convince myself that it sounds like more work than it is. We are really just rearranging some space, moving doorways, consolidating our storage space and adding a small mud "room" off our garage. Throw in some new carpet and paint and that side of the house will be good to go.

Here's a look at what it looked like before we moved in. Essentially, it doesn't look any different six months later.

This is our teeny tiny master bath. It won't be much bigger in the end, but maybe both of us can stand in there at the same time. You can see the door from our bedroom to the living room on the right. We'll be closing that off and moving the door so the entrance is down a short hallway off the family room instead.
Morgan's room was right off of our bedroom, and the family room. Soon this will be the guest room and the only entrance will be opposite ours, off the family room.The family room can stand to lose all of those little closets, which we'll make one big storage closet. We've already gotten rid of one to make our laundry room larger.Those built-in bookshelves and cabinets are going buh-bye too. And we'll squeeze in a mini mudroom off the garage entrance (on the far left).

If I can bust through the plaster dust I will take some during pictures at the end of the weekend. Wish us luck and if you need to take out any aggression this weekend, let me know and I'll send you our address.
Sidenote for inquiring minds: I got my blood pressure check yesterday and it is back to normal (phew!) and everything is great. And, despite how big everyone seems to think my belly is, at 14 weeks, I am measuring 12 weeks. So there.


  1. Thanks for the blood pressure update, thats a relief. I think your baby bump looks so big to us because your such a tiny little thing to start with.Can't wait for this weekend demolition Grammy here I come.

  2. Hey Nicole, Holy Crap... I thought doing our little bathroom in the basement has been a lot of work...I wish you guys good luck! If you need another quote on doors & windows, call my Dad @ Mike's Door Service. Tell them you know me.

  3. Good luck to both of you in getting all the work done. Any thoughts so far on any colors/themes for either of the nurseries?