Monday, November 30, 2009

Thanksgiving Weekend Wrap-up

Our little family had a wonderful Thanksgiving weekend. A lot of fun and a lot of busyness, all in one.

On Thursday, we watched a little bit of the parades (I think we are finally going to go next year) and I whipped up some cranberry relish and a corn casserole before we packed our bags and head to Lansing for a few days. We enjoyed Thanksgiving dinner at Mark's dad and stepmom's. Well, Mark and I did. Morgan didn't touch her food and for the record, the only thing she ate at her school Thanksgiving feast was the cinnamon apples.

No shopping for us on Friday. Instead we enjoyed a yummy breakfast, rode around town for a bit and stopped at Red Lobster for lunch. I'm so happy Morgan liked her popcorn shrimp :) After naps and dinner, Mark and I went to East Lansing to celebrate our good friend Andrea's (surprise!) 30th birthday. We had a blast chatting, eating cake and dancing to the 80's band. I couldn't help but feel a little old though - this bar is a big hangout for college kids in their early 20's - they were hardly alive in the 1980's! That music was like the oldies to them...ha ha! Regardless, we had such a good time!

We head back to the Hills on Saturday morning and vegged around while Morgan napped. There were no Thanksgiving leftovers for us, so we had Thai for dinner. I'm so happy that Mark never denies me a craving. Probably because it's his favorite too.

Yesterday we were busy busy, scrambling around the house, rearranging everything that was being stored in the two spare bedrooms that we have on the east side of the house. The goal was to have us and Morgan moved in those two rooms by bedtime and we did it (even if it meant keeping Morgan up a little later). I think we did a pretty good job relocating our stuff between some closets, the garage and the attic. Heck, we used to live in under 900 square feet, it should have been a piece of cake! By 8:30pm, Morgan's temporary room (which is really baby2's future room) was done and she was fast asleep. Our temporary room will be Morgan's room by summer, but not before moving back and forth one more time. The family room and the 2 west side bedrooms are closed off now and ready for this weekend's demolition project.

On our plate this week, lots of little projects including: moving some furniture to make room for the biggest Christmas tree we can find, making an appointment for our BIG ultrasound, putting a dent in my Christmas lists and figuring out what kind of cookies to make with my mom and sister next weekend. Oh, and maybe writing some blog posts with more pictures. I'm so giddy to flip the calendar to December!


  1. Looks like a busy month at the Reaves house this December. Am so looking forward to our cookie making. And would like to add, if there is anything we can do to help, either with home improvement or Christmas prep, just ask. BTW, if the ultrasound is productive, are you sharing the news, or is it a secret?

  2. Just a quick note that even though Morgan didn't eat much at Thanksgiving, at least she chose a good part of it to eat! Also, if you need a babysitter to get some work done at the house, I'm available!

  3. Thanks for the offers to help! :) I will very likely take you both up on that - I can always use an extra hand. There is a lot to do and a lot to look forward to this month. Mom, we will be sharing our ultrasound news as soon as we find out! No secrets ;)