Monday, July 20, 2009

back to life, back to reality...

We're home! Well, have been for a few days now. Mexico was awesome (and HOT!), Kristin's wedding was beautiful, Morgan did fabulously and we all had a great time!

We got home really late (or really early, depending on your perspective) Saturday morning and the three of us must have all be exhausted because we didn't wake up until 9:30 - that is unheard of in this household. We had breakfast, ran some errands and stopped at my parents to visit my grandma (who was oh-so-kind enough to watch my parents dog while they were in Mexico). I hadn't seen her since my baby shower last year, so Saturday was the first time she met Morgan. It was really nice to spend a couple hours with her (before Morgan completely ransacked my parents house) and then we had our favorite pizza for dinner with Kevin and Erika.
On Sunday, Mark's mom and brother, Nick came down for the day and helped Mark cut down the 30-40 nasty overgrown shrubs, mixed with poison ivy, vines and weeds that border our property between our driveway and our neighbors. This pile above is only half of it. Mark got really ambitious and started pulling out the stumps too. WOW - you guys did a great job, it looks so much better now. Thank you, thank you! (Now, what to plant in it's place??)

Morgan and I spent our last afternoon together having a conference with her stuffed animals, doing laundry, riding bikes, dancing, blowing bubbles and napping. Such a sweet, sweet girl.
Boy, did I enjoy that week off with my two favorite people. I was not thrilled about dropping Morgan off at school this morning but I thought she'd be so happy about seeing her little friends again. Confused was more like it. She wasn't upset, but it took a bit to warm up to everyone again.

Well, enough babbling. I'm sure you want to see pics and hear details about Mexico. This week I will do a little Mexico in review as we get ready for another party filled weekend. Hmm, next weekend too, come to think of it. More soon!


  1. Great job Mark! Looks so different. Glad we had a chance to vacation together. Now it's back to work. :(

  2. Holy Cow! So quick to work after a relaxing vacation huh? Looks great!