Sunday, June 7, 2009

After (for now): Laundry Room

You've seen the 'done' list. A lot of it involved getting this laundry room done and functioning before we moved in. Well, we moved in before it was finished, but luckily we still had running water (most of the time) and lots of clean clothes, towels and bedding before we got here so we really didn't need the washer and dryer right away. We need some lighter, brighter daytime photos, but you'll get the gist:Now, the important stuff is in. The washer and dryer are installed. The water softener and filters are all working (aren't those chrome tanks pretty?). Eventually we will get the small stuff done - base trim, light fixtures, cabinets and shelving, a new laundry tub and countertop. That window needs a good scrub down too. And maybe a window treatment. And I want a rug. Sigh, anyways, the washer and dryer are working overtime while I catch up on our laundry. I'm so happy! Who gets excited about doing laundry?!?!

Mark worked his butt off and used a lot of his vacation time to get this room finished. I hope he knows how much Morgan and I appreciate his hard work and are so happy to have him back. Thanks babe!!


  1. Love the laundry room; especially the color and the floor. Job well done Mark!

  2. your laundry room is the same color as mine!