Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Before + During: Laundry Room

Our first big project at the new house is the laundry room. Purchasing a washer and dryer was a must before we move in and we wanted to replace the existing water softener with a new salt-free water system (this house is on a well), so Mark removed one of the five closets in the family room to make the laundry room larger so it could accommodate all of this new equipment. Here's a look at what the laundry room used to look like:
And the closet that was removed (the one on the left):And here is what it looks like now:There is a lot left to do, but it appears the hard part of this project was the demolition. Mark will be working hard next week to frame the new wall, hang the drywall, build the new floor platform, install the new water system, washer and dryer...and so much more. This weekend we are going to pick out paint and new flooring and maybe as soon as next weekend, after the big move, we'll get to reveal the 'after' photos!


  1. ((((((((WHEW)))))))

  2. It all has to get ugly before it gets better! Nic, what color did you decide on?