Sunday, March 15, 2009

let's make a deal

Well, the condo is officially listed. Again. We've been doing a lot of cleaning and rearranging, constant Morgan-proofing and picking up to make sure the condo looks presentable. We only looked at one house last week. It's old (which I love) and it's my favorite (our favorite?) one so far, but we have a few more to look at and hope that no one else swipes this one up in the meantime.

Morgan took her first tub bath last Sunday night and loves it. She likes to belly flop into the water and splash splash splash. I see swimming classes in our very near future.

Tooth #3 is here now, her top left. I feel like she's doing something new every day. This week she started shaking her head "no" and she is standing for longer periods by herself. Auntie K says she has about 3 weeks to start walking but whenever I tell her that, she just shakes her head "no". I'm a little sad about it because when she really starts walking well on her own, they will move her to the toddler room. Wait a minute, didn't we just get here? She'll get to see old friends again, I just wish her teachers could move with her. It's too much to think about right now.
Morgan is starting to enjoy more table food. Last week she had a piece of pizza crust, a slice of pear and grapes cut teeny tiny. New foods on deck: cherries, tofu, broccoli, papaya, black beans and lentils.
Yesterday morning we braved the cold (25 degrees), bundled up and took a walk downtown for breakfast. Morgan loves her new footmuff. It was so snuggly she took a nap in it while we strolled through the neighborhood looking at houses. I went to Kristin's Stampin' Up workshop in the afternoon and made a bunch of cards. That was very fun and I think I got a lot done considering I haven't made cards in forever.

I'm not quite sure what we have planned today besides the usual: grocery shopping and 50 loads of laundry. Perhaps we'll get a chance to enjoy this weather again. Have a nice Sunday!


  1. yes, you'd better start swimming lessons! We are starting in April, I can't wait!

  2. Very cute pictures. Morgan looks so grown up at the table cleaning the last drop of food out of her bowl. Morgan Grammy likes how your new foot muff matches your vava.(passie)

  3. I think Morgan just wants to surprise you by walking within 3 weeks.. If she shook her head "yes" it wouldn't be much of a surprise if she did do it. Its that baby psychology she is playing on her mommy! (Last time she was here, before you left, she whispered in my ear that she just wanted to shock you and do it without you expecting look out...haha)

  4. Love the pics. She's discovering quite a bit lately. Go Morgan!